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July 2007

Dear Friends,

This is our first e-letter of the year! We hope this finds you well!

Our main reason for sending this e-letter is to let you in on some important news concerning St. Maria's Messenger, a magazine for Catholic girls. So far, since November 2002, we've been printing the magazine with our family's printer – ink and paper given to us by our parents. Beginning this coming season we will transfer our printing to an outset printer which means the cost for printing goes way up for us. We have to do this because the amount of subscribers we have now has become too large for us to handle by ourselves. Postage has also taken a rise recently. With all this in mind we must raise our subscription price. However, not until we work things out with our outset printer will we change the price. This means a great chance for you to subscribe or renew when a subscription is still only $12.00. But you must hurry! This great opportunity can end at anytime! (Keep a close eye on our website and a lookout for any email updates about change of prices!) If you want to subscribe or renew or know a friend who would like to receive Saint Maria's Messenger, please fill out our Subscription Form found on our website: www.saintmariasmessenger.com.

Some Thoughts for This Month

July brings with it vacations, dips in the water, relaxing under a big umbrella, camping in the great outdoors – all sorts of take-a-break-from-the-usual kind of stuff. It also brings with it the temptation to dress immodestly. Immodest bathing suits, short shorts, spaghetti strap tanks, and so on. The bottom line here – there is just no need to wear immodest clothing just because it is hot or whatever temperature it is. If you feel self conscious about what you are wearing – too tight, too low, too high, too shier – it probably is, so don't wear it. Respect yourself, help the people around you to respect you too. You are the Temple of the Holy Spirit! Your body becomes a living tabernacle during every Holy Communion! You are always in the sight of God! No matter who you are, you are an example to your neighbor – let that example be a good, pure, and modest one! If you are having trouble finding decent clothes we suggest you take a look at the websites below, (some of them are where we buy our own clothes).







At the end of May this year Bernadette had a chance to visit the Carmelites in Ada, MI. They are a wonderful, holy group of 14 sisters, with beautiful grounds surrounding their convent. This brings to mind another aspect of Summer – its knack to bring the future into focus. It gives you the time to ponder and wonder about what God has in store for you - what plan, what vocation does He desire. Hopefully prayer and Adoration has been at the top of your list to know God's will. Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and intimate Holy Communions opens your soul to God's light!

Marriage – Its sole purpose is to bring children into the world, raise them in a rock solid Faith and love of God in the Holy Catholic Church and love, cherish, and help your spouse on the way of virtue.

Single Life – Its sole purpose is to live in the world, in the work place, or at home with ailing family members in the state of purity – all the while emanating God to your neighbor.

Religious Life – Its sole purpose is to attain God by giving ALL to God - to sacrifice your entire self through active ministry or the purely contemplative life.

We invite you to send us an email about any thoughts or questions you might have about your vocation. If you are having trouble knowing God's will, want to learn more about certain vocations, or to learn more about different Religious orders we would be more than happy to help you out. God bless you all!

In Jesus and Mary,

Bernadette and Rebekah Fox


Saint Maria's Messenger

5426 S. Gordon Ave.

Newaygo, MI 49337






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